Overwhelmed by the thought of scheduling one or more classes or appointments in your pregnancy?


Hoping to get back in shape but trapped under a baby?


Wishing for a way to strengthen your core on your timeline?

Carrie has your back (and your front!)  Her popular, 6-week classes are now available in an online, self- paced format that you can start right this minute and are available for the life of the program.

Each class has an educational component where Carrie teaches you things that no one else is talking about…..women’s health tips that are total game changers for your ever-changing body…..along with expertly designed exercise videos.  These programs will leave you feeling empowered, strong, and confident!!!

Online Prenatal
Pilates Program

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Online Postnatal Pilates Program

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Online DRA/Core Restore Program

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"I had my son 5 years ago and I so wanted to take one of your local classes but I never got a chance. I thought that the online class won't be helpful first. But I was wrong. I have to say that I tried other DRA class but I never finished and I didn't like it either. What I like about your class is that I can follow every time your video and you explain everything so well. It truly helps than doing it on my own."

"I wanted to take your group Prenatal class but my work schedule conflicted with the times you were offering. I took a chance on the online version and absolutely loved it (even though it took me a few extra weeks to get through with the business of life). I’m happy I’ll have access to it for any future pregnancies as well! Thanks for creating something for those of us that can’t make a regular class."

Does any of this sound familiar?

 I do not have time for an in-person weekly class.

I get it!!!  With these online programs, you can push play whenever it’s convenient for you.  Finish in 6 weeks or take your time and stretch it out!

 I want the convenience of taking a class I can complete without leaving the house.

Don’t we all!  If you’re interested in limiting your social circle, you can now enjoy all the benefits of the in-person class from the safety of your own space. 😊

 I want an affordable fitness class for pregnancy or postpartum that I can use over and over again.

Look no further!  I doubt you will find a more comprehensive, research-based, effective program for this price. Better yet, you’ll have access for the life of the program so watch it again and again!

 I’d rather have a Women’s Health expert design a class for me, vs taking my chances with free internet videos.

While convenient for figuring out to make a paste to relieve the itch of poison ivy (that was my most recent search, lol), I would not trust the safety of my body (or my baby!) to just anyone.  With my programs, you know you’re getting over 10 years of expertise as a Women’s Health Physical Therapist along with countless certifications, continuing education courses, and hours of self study so these classes have been tweaked to perfection!

 I’m hesitant about the online class, what if I have a question?

Once you’ve registered you will be welcomed into our closed Facebook group where you can post questions, view other participant’s questions, and get regular inspiration!

I experienced a wide split my abdominal wall after carrying my twins in 2013. I was worried that doing the program online would make it less effective but attending something in person was just not going to happen with two newborns in the house! I was also worried that I was wasting money on some online program that was promising changes I so desperately wanted to believe were possible. But Carrie's program came on a personal recommendation so I went for it. I am so glad that I made the investment!  And being able to do the workouts from home was such a blessing. Immediately after (& even during) Carrie's six week DRA Rehab, changes were visible as I finally saw some muscles return to my mid-region. I was able to get back into strength training, cardio and yoga with the tools I needed to maintain my core strength. Fast forward six years and, after recently taking up running, I discovered that my pelvic floor needed more work so I reached out to Carrie. Despite all the time that had passed, Carrie assured me that I could still access the DRA training I had purchased and recommended I review the course which I am doing now. I feel so fortunate to have her expertise and guidance to continue to pursue the activities I love. And life-long access makes the one time fee so incredibly worth it. Thank you Carrie for being there to help me get my body back -- both inside and out! 



6 Weeks of Instructional Lessons

Each week we spend you’ll receive a new video on a featured and topical lesson focused on a whole-body approach to strengthen your body.

6 Weeks of Progressive Workouts

Each week you’ll receive a new, more advanced exercise video. Rest assured, I have used my 10+ years of experience as a Physical Therapist and learned from the best of the best to develop one of the most comprehensive programs that leaves nothing behind!!!

Private Facebook Group

Ask questions, view videos of each week’s new exercises, and connect with women on a similar journey!


BONUS! Video Meditations

You’ll receive a file of beautiful video meditations customized for the program you are registered to comfort your mind and settle your soul. 


“My office has been referring patients to Carrie’s programs for over 5 years.  With her background as a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, I have confidence that she is taking good care of the women we send, and they all return with rave reviews. “

Dr. Steven Daube


“We include information about Carrie’s classes in our folders that are handed out to all of our patients. We have confidence that she is taking care of our patients and love the idea that women can now get the same benefits in an online program they can complete from home.”

Dr. Julie Jensen


“Many of my patients have taken one of Carrie’s programs and have positive things to say about their experience. If women are looking for a prenatal or postpartum exercise instruction, we would recommend her classes.”

Dr. John Carroll


Online Prenatal
Pilates Program

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Online Postnatal Pilates Program

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Online DRA/Core Restore Program

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Hi! I’m Carrie, Women’s Health Physical Therapist and mother of three. When I was pregnant with my first child many moons ago, I searched far and wide for an exercise class that would strengthen my body, teach me tips to make labor easier, and help me connect with other moms. No luck.

After each of my births I longed for someone to take me by the hand and gently guide me through strengthening my body safely. I was too tired to take this on myself. Hello? Anyone out there?

And then when I discovered I had an abdominal separation I was fearful I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises I enjoyed ever again. False! 

I used my expertise as a Women’s Health Physical and learned from the best of the best to design these programs according to my own “wish list”….they are the very programs I was desperately searching for as a pregnant and postpartum woman. I hope you love taking them as much as I loved creating them.