Carrie Koziol engages and empowers women to overcome their insecurities, release their worries, and address female health concerns.

Powering Through Perimenopause

What is Perimenopause, why you should care, and how you can make changes in your 30’s that your 50 year old self will thank you for!

Perimenopause is the time “around” menopause and it can start as early as 35 years of age.  In this life stage women can experience a wide variety of symptoms including mood and sleep changes, weight fluctuations, alterations in sex drive, and maybe most predominantly an unwillingness to accommodate the people in their lives.  

Learn the steps you can take to be optimally healthy going IN to this next phase of life. This topic provides women a chance to reflect on how they have cared for themselves physically and emotionally up to this point, and is a call to action to take stock and make changes to help restore or rebuild their health moving forward.

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Periods Demystified

What happens “down there” throughout the monthly cycle, what’s “normal” and how to use the hormonal shifts to maximize your life, plus natural period products I love.

Do you really appreciate the bodily miracle that is your monthly cycle?  In this presentation, you’ll learn about the 4 phases of your period and the emotional and nutritional recommendations to help you maximize your potential.  We’ll talk about why everyone should be tracking their cycle and what apps are my favorite to make this easier.

I will also touch on the hormonal and non-hormonal methods of birth control that are available.  Learn how your period can be used as a vital sign to track your overall health and the period products that top my list of favorites.

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Fail Proof Female Fitness

How to design an exercise program that appreciates your hormonal landscape from puberty to menopause (with upper/lower body and core exercise programs built in).

Did you know that the same exercises that might be “nutritious” for a woman in her 20’s might be considered “junk food” for a woman in her 50’s? Learn how exercise programs need to be modified based on the phase of your life. We will discuss how changes in hormones and the pelvic floor need to lead decisions for exercise prescription for teens, pregnant women, postpartum women, and the woman in perimenopause/menopause. This is an upbeat topic where no question is “off limits” and where you will have plenty of time to experience the exercises and modifications.

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Pelvic Health 101

All things pelvic floor, normal bladder/bowel habits, vulvar care, and tips to keep this area in tip top shape throughout your life.

Learn the functions and dysfunctions of the pelvic floor muscles, how this area is like the bottom of a paper bag, and learn tiny tweaks you can make in your everyday activities to keep this area functioning at its best. We will utilize a bladder diary to determine if your daily bladder habits are falling into a healthy pattern and discuss bowel topics such as constipation and bowel ergonomics.  Learn how the vagina is like a self cleaning oven and product choices you can make to keep this area in tip-top shape.

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Let’s Talk About Sex (after) Baby

Hi, beautiful Mama.  Are you tired to the bone? Is your libido in the gutter? Have you ever felt resentment towards your spouse when they mention wanting to have sex?  You are NOT ALONE!

It’s hard to get your sexual accelerator revved in the postpartum time, but I want to gently encourage you to take the parking brake off and at least shift into neutral so if you get a pleasant nudge in the right direction, you might find yourself rolling towards some well-deserved pleasure. I’ve heard from hundreds of women (myself included) about the hardships that accompany a return to sex after having a baby. 

The three main reasons women either do not want to have intercourse or do not enjoy intercourse after the birth of a baby include: Pain, Emotional Factors, and a Feeling of Being Stretched Out.  Come learn more about what you can do to overcome these obstacles and reconnect with the sexual goddess that lies beneath your tired exterior. No question is off limits.

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A Few Truths About Sex For Parents of Tweens and Teens:

Parents find themselves shaking in their sneakers at the mere mention of The Sex Talk, dun, dun DUUUUNNNNN!  I'm here to save the day.  You don't need to get it perfect for one long extended talk but rather you need some ideas of how to start the 200, 1-minute conversations that are necessary over the course of many years from early adolescence into adulthood.  In this intriguing and life-saving lecture, I will give you some creative options of how to bring up concepts surrounding consent, masturbation, porn, and hook-up culture.  I promise to just ignore these issues is NOT the answer.  Our kids need us to provide examples that reflect our values early and often.  I promise we'll have fun along the way! 

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Recently Featured:

Carrie Koziol is a Women’s Health Physical Therapist (or should I stick with Specialist?) on a mission to educate and empower women (and the professionals that care for them) about their bodies from  puberty to menopause and beyond. She specializes in tackling “taboo” topics with a blend of humor, expertise, and practical tips that participants are able to use right away to move their bodies better.

Carrie has the unique ability to bring people together online and in-person whether she’s speaking to a an auditorium of hundreds or an intimate gathering in someone’s living room. As a (single---?never
know if I should highlight this to be more relatable or if that’s a turn-off…..I’m not offended either way, what do you thing?) mother of three, she knows what it is like to juggle motherhood, run a household,
and manage a career while striving to remain fit and well. That’s why her suggestions are always practical, realistic, and within your grasp!

She has also seen first-hand through her work in the clinic and in the community that knowledge truly is power, and the body is capable of amazing things. The things you will learn from Carrie will help you clarify the difference between “common” and “normal”, will change your understanding of your relationship with your mind and body, and will linger with you long after her final words have been shared. 

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