These days you want to avoid long hospital stays.

Traditional birthing classes and regular fitness workouts won’t give you all of the tools and information you really need to be successful heading into the big day.


Strengthen Your Body For Labor Now!

Get Started! | $147


Strengthen Your Body For Labor Now!

Get Started! | $147

Moms are easy targets for the fitness industry.

But that Instagram influencer you love for outfit-of-the-days and Amazon deals doesn’t know what movements are healthy (and safe!) for you and your baby. Those Free YouTube videos that you’re watching won’t come close to preparing you for one of the most challenging physical events your body will ever experience.

See, I have more experience than most of these influencers have combined and it’s NOT because I’m a decade older than they are. I KNOW PREGNANT WOMEN.

Instead of organizing your dressers and folding onesies, start strengthening your body and learning how to RELAX.

 Nesting is normal but knowledge is power! I’m a Physical Therapist AND Diastasis Recti Expert who has specialized in prenatal and postnatal fitness for nearly fifteen years. I’ve created an all-encompassing prenatal class that’s fun, easy to understand (and do), and fits into your busy lifestyle. I’ve removed all the unnecessary and annoying fluff in most prenatal workouts,

I give you that honest, big-sister-talking-to-you-over-decaf-coffee truth

about your pregnancy. Nothing’s off-limits. How to push a baby out of a tiny hole without leaving a disaster in the rearview mirror, check. How to avoid worsening an abdominal separation that contributes to that unsightly after-birth beer-belly look, check. How to do more than just survive the first 6 weeks postpartum, but how to THRIVE as a new mom in a new body, CHECK!


Let me take the guesswork out of designing a safe exercise program, and show you how moving your body better can offer comfort, relaxation, and stress relief when you need it most.  

Exercising during pregnancy can help your baby’s development.

A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows that staying active doesn’t just benefit you. Infants of mothers who exercised in pregnancy scored higher on tests of development and maturation.  By getting active, both you and baby benefit!

Don’t make the mistake of failing to register for this MUST TAKE prenatal class.



“I’ve been doing really well after this pregnancy – probably the best I’ve ever been post-partum.  The strategies that you talked about regarding labor really helped me.  I didn’t hardly tear this time, and feel that I pushed correctly for the first time.  And I was bouncing around feeling great only days after!”

Prenatal Pilates Student

“So glad I got to take this class to be able to learn proper abdominal exercises that were different from my normal routine for exercise.  I really think I’d have messed myself up doing crunches or other things before taking this class.

Prenatal Pilates Student

“I could not believe how quickly labor went! The breathing techniques were what got me through the contractions. I was amazed that I was able to stay in control. I can’t thank you enough for everything we learned in prenatal Pilates!”

Prenatal Pilates Student


Here's a snippet of what you
should expect from the program...

Meditation Sample


Instructional Sample


Workout Sample


Meditation Sample

Instructional Sample

Workout Sample

But Carrie, Why do you not have “before and after” photos?

I’ve seen women with a body mass index that would land them in the overweight category but have strong, functional core muscles.

I’ve seen stick skinny women where I could sink 2 hands into the crater between their rectus abdominus muscles.

And I’ve seen everything in between.

You absolutely cannot judge a book by its cover, nor should we be glorifying images and messages that celebrate the idea that smaller is better and less is more.

The current standards of beauty often portray unrealistic body types that are not a true reflection of what real health looks like.

I am striving to change the narrative in order to celebrate wellness of both mind and body, encourage you to move your body better wherever you are at, and helping you to celebrate the miracle that is the female body.

What's Included?

 6 Weeks of Progressive Workouts

These specifically-designed exercises will help your body support your baby during pregnancy, prepare you to birth your baby, and lay the foundation for a more complete recovery.

All exercises are safe for all trimesters and fitness levels, so you can start where you’re at and make modifications for common difficulties you may be experiencing.


 6 Weeks of Instructional Videos

  1. Exercising Safely in Pregnancy: If you want to know (which exercises are good for you (and the baby!) and how to prepare your body for labor, this course will guide you on the path to a healthy pregnancy.  

  2. Posture and Body Mechanics:  Your everyday movement can be just as important as exercise. Learn how to make simple adjustments to your normal activities that will keep you moving comfortably and away from pregnancy pain!

  3. Pelvic Floor Health and Perineal Massage: A strong core is so much more than ab muscles. I’ll teach you why it’s essential to strengthen AND relax your pelvic floor during pregnancy resulting in an easier labor and delivery, a decreased likelihood of tearing your lady bits (yea sorry, that’s a thing), and a faster recovery. 

  4. Pain in Pregnancy and the Maternal Supports That Can Help:  Pain is NOT a natural part of the pregnancy process that you’re just “supposed to put up with.”  I’ll teach you how to remedy common pregnancy discomforts at home, keeping you from making extra trips to the doctor. 

  5. Stages of Labor and Positions/Pushing Techniques: Did you know that there are things you can do in each stage of labor  to keep yourself more comfortable and help your body to birth your baby.  Should you even “push” and what are you visualizing, and how should you breathe to be most effective and cause less trauma?  Learn all this and more! 

  6. Making the Most of Your Postpartum Time + Your 6-week Appointment:  I’ll guide you through the things you need to do during recovery so you’re prepared for what to do in between snuggles and late night feedings. When is it really safe to go back to exercise? Do you need a belly binder? What body movement should you avoid in the early days following birth? And, what should you really be asking (and telling!) your OBGYN at your 6-week appointment?


 Bonus! Expanded Worksheets

Each week, you’ll get access to a new and expanded worksheet that brings the video lesson to life. Follow along as you watch your instructional videos and get the most of your investment! 

 BONUS! Unlimited Access

Your course doesn’t expire! Come back to it in a month or in a year, it will be here! Your purchase today also gives you access to any ongoing updates and additions to the course!

 BONUS! Premium Support

Carrie is here to support you! If there are any problems or questions, you can email her and get a personal response! Plus, you get access to a Private Facebook Group where not only do you have access to Carrie, but you will also meet other supportive women.

 BONUS! Video Meditations

You’ll receive a file of beautiful video meditations customized for the
program you are registered to comfort your mind and settle your soul.

Strengthen Your Body For Labor Now!

Get Started | $147

Strengthen Your Body For Labor Now!

Get Started! | $147

Got Questions? Let's See If I Can Answer Them.


The Online Prenatal Pilates Program from Pilates By Carrie is the most comprehensive workout program for any pregnant woman ready to take control of her fitness at home.

  • 6 Informative videos related to your prenatal journey
  • 6 Instructional pilates exercise videos
  • 6 Downloadable worksheets to keep you on tract
  • Guided Meditations developed specifically for expecting women
ENROLL NOW! - $147