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We are BUSY! Let’s cut the fluff…..

and learn to work out smarter, NOT harder.  2 hour sweat sessions?  HARD PASS!  30 minutes of quality exercises that work multiple body parts at one time?  YES PLEASE!

Sick of workout programs designed by 20 year old fitness influencers or men with no understanding of the female body?

Yeah, me too!  If you don’t own a vagina, haven’t birthed a baby, haven’t personally experienced any of the myriad of issues unique to the female body, or don’t at least own a diploma in this area of expertise, you have no business guiding women through an exercise program to heal their bodies.

Period. (Pun intended….you should have experienced those as well!)


As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and mother of three, I’ve struggled with urinary incontinence, prolapse, and diastasis recti which has sent me on a journey for the BEST exercises to address these issues for myself and the thousands of patients I’ve helped over the years!


You pick what works best for you. Or we can meet in person for the first visit and switch to virtual sessions and vice versa.  Life is stressful and I’ll do everything I can to make these sessions fit your lifestyle and comfort level.

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Locally serving the Tri-Cities Region (St. Charles, Batavia, & Geneva), Chicagoland, Naperville, Wheaton, & Hinsdale, Illinois areas; and virtually serving women from all across the world. 


  • Step One: Register for a single private session or a block of 5 private sessions.  Carrie will reach out within 24 hours to work with you to find a time to meet either in person or virtually.
  • Step Two: Once you’ve decided on a time, Carrie will email you a confirmation with more details and a few intake forms to fill out and return prior to your session so she can make the best use of your time together.

  • Step Three: Arrive for your session (either in person or on screen) and prepare to spend 60-90 minutes in total reviewing your intake form and goals, and receiving education and exercise guidance.  You will be provided with handouts to reference along with videos of the exercises that are yours to keep! If you opt for 5 private sessions, remaining sessions are 60 minutes each.

  • Step Four: Thank your lucky stars for finally finding a provider that LISTENS, UNDERSTANDS, and HAS A PLAN!


  • An Internet Connection

  • A device that has a camera and microphone. This will help me create your customized plan of action and also allow me to provide critiques on your form for the various movements. 

  • A small space in your home to move around in. 

  • A yoga mat or soft blanket. 


  • Your session with Carrie can be in-person or virtually anywhere you have internet access! Your living room, on vacation, private office, etc. 
  • Carrie does a deep dive into your past medical and birth history as well as your individual goals to ensure these sessions are customized to YOUR wants and needs.
  • As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Carrie is confident making exercise modifications based on the needs of your body
  • You'll have immediate feedback, corrections, and adjustments provided by Carrie.
  • Clients leave each session with a PLAN that often includes digital handouts and a video link of the exercises for practice at home.
  • And last but not least, accountability!  You’re busy enough.  Let Carrie hold your hand and tell you what exercises to flock to and which to avoid with her gentle but firm encouragement.  You’ve totally got this! 


  • Private sessions can be purchased separately for $90 each or in a bundle of 5 for $397.  Contact Carrie to discuss availability prior to registering. 

Whether your need is Prenatal, Postnatal, DRA/Core Restore, Menopause Coaching, pelvic floor strengthening, or a hybrid of any of these, book a private session with Carrie today and start achieving your goals.

Still on the fence? Check out a few of Carrie's client testimonials.


I just wanted to shoot a quick email and say thank you for everything in our sessions! I learned so much, and I’m hoping to continue to improve as time goes on. I do so much better when someone explains why certain exercises are important and the body mechanics behind the workouts, and your sessions absolutely did that. It’s so much more motivating when I actually understand the “why.”

Thank you again!


"I have struggled for the past 5 years with a weak pelvic floor. I have been wearing panty liners because of leakage when coughing, sneezing, lifting, exercising, or anything that involves impact.  After 6 private sessions with Carrie, I now have a stronger pelvic floor.  I am no longer wearing panty liners on a daily basis. I have learned how to engage my muscles to go for longer periods of time without having to run to the bathroom.  I am very amazed with the improvement I have seen in just 6 weeks of following Carrie's exercises.  As a bonus, the exercises also engage many other areas of the body.  I am very grateful for the knowledge I have gained about my body and how I can keep my pelvic floor strong."


"None of the group classes worked with my schedule, so I opted for private DRA sessions with Carrie.  It was awesome!  I have no doubt that Carrie is an AMAZING instructor in any type of class, but I feel that I really benefited from the one-on-one attention each week. She answered all of my many questions and really helped to reassure me throughout the program.  Before starting the sessions, I was so confused about which exercises were safe for my abdominal muscles, and I didn't want to make my separation worse.  I wanted to start exercising more but didn't know where to start!  Carrie really increased my knowledge about healthy/safe movements and made me much more confident in knowing what exercises to choose.  I significantly improved my separation and feel much stronger.  I see her guidance as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle approach, encompassing not only exercise, but everyday movements, posture, nutrition, etc.  Thank you, Carrie!"

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One Session - $90

Book a one-hour personalized session with Carrie where you'll experience:

  • Sessions and exercise programs customized to your specific goals.
  • All programs rooted in the most cutting edge research.

  • Fun, easy to follow exercises and the links are yours for the life of the program.  

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Five Sessions - $397

Book five, one-hour personalized sessions with Carrie where you'll experience:

  • Sessions and exercise programs customized to your specific goals.
  • All programs rooted in the most cutting edge research.

  • Fun, easy to follow exercises and the links are yours for the life of the program.  

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