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Is that too forward? 

Look, as a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and a mom, I have seen and heard just about everything when it comes to the female body. And I’ve become kind of obsessed.


I love educating women and young girls about their amazing bodies! Some of the best moments of my career have been seeing the looks of relief on the faces of my preteen clients or having those “lightbulb going off” moments with pregnant, postnatal, and menopausal women.  Those moments where everything just clicks and I know the trajectory of their path is forever changed.


I teach you to physically strengthen your body, at whatever stage it’s in: keeping your core and pelvic floor intact during pregnancy (or restoring it after), teaching you how not to get out of bed (yes, that’s a thing!), and why you simply can not jump back into exercise after having a baby just because your doctor gives you the all-clear. 

Exercise for women is about so much more than just the physical movement. I also help you understand the less-glamorous mechanics that are vital to creating a strong body that you love and feel empowered in.

From pilates classes, you won't get anywhere else, to menstruation workshops you get to experience with your daughter, and so much more, I empower women to create stronger bodies with more than just exercise.  



Online Prenatal Pilates Program

Looking to get your body in prenatal shape? Look no further than Prenatal Pilates! This comprehensive guide will take you through a step-by-step program to help tone your body and prepare it for birth. With Prenatal Pilates, you'll have the confidence to know that you're as ready as can be for one of life's biggest moments.

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Online Postnatal Pilates Program

As a woman, there’s nothing more empowering than taking control of your body and rebuilding it after giving birth. Postnatal Pilates is the perfect way to do just that – with my help, of course! We’ll work together to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, improve your posture, and get you back to your pre-pregnancy self in no time.

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DRA/Core Restore

DRA/Core Restore is a program that helps women achieve stronger and healthier cores. The program includes exercises to strengthen the midsection and pelvic floor, as well as helpful tips on how to avoid “junk food” movements. With DRA/Core Restore, you will gain the wisdom to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy core movements – for a strong, healthy body.

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6 Week Live Zoom Prenatal Pilates

Prepare your body for labor and delivery with expertly-designed Pilates moves that have been modified for your pregnant body. While you can stay at home, we will follow a schedule and meet weekly via Zoom so Carrie can monitor your form with the exercises, answer questions in real time, and help you connect with other pregnant moms going through a similar journey!


6 Week Live Zoom Postnatal Pilates

This class guides your body through recovery from the birth of your baby, whether you are six weeks or one year postpartum. Prepare to awaken your deep abdominals and pelvic floor, strengthening your body for motherhood and beyond, all from the comfort of your home as we meet weekly in a Zoom format. This allows Carrie to modify your form and answer questions in real time while helping you connect with other postpartum moms also trapped under small children!


6 Week Live Zoom DRA/Core Restore

Learn how to align your body, coordinate your breathing, and build your core strength quite literally from the ground up with a strong focus on deep abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening. Every women should take this class at least once, and now you have the opportunity to get all the benefits of her in-person class (group support, form modification, ability to ask questions and get answers in real time) from the comfort of your own space using the Zoom platform.


Private One-On-One Sessions

Pilates is all about creating a strong, sculpted body with long, lean muscles. But who has time for group classes? Not you, busy lady! That's why we offer private sessions, just for you and your goals. You'll love the one-on-one attention from me and the customized exercises that will transform your body.

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Mom & Me Menstruation Class

Finally, a class for both moms and their daughters! Mom & Me Menstruation Class is the perfect way to learn about periods together. Taught by Carrie who knows her stuff, this class covers all the topics – from PMS to tampons. You’ll leave feeling confident and ready for your daughter’s first period.

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Speaking Engagements

Looking for a hilarious and informative keynote speaker on all things vagina? Look no further than Carrie Koziol. Her frank and funny approach will have your audience laughing and learning in equal measure. From puberty to menopause, Carrie will leave no stone unturned – so bring her on board for your next event!

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"Carrie's class was so helpful and helped to reduce my DRA from 6.5 cm and deep to 4 cm and shallow.  Thanks to her I can enjoy better body mechanics.  As an MD, I was not aware of exercises to do, but I will recommend it to friends and patients."

Archana, MD

"Don’t wait to take this class! The knowledge I gained, the exercises that we did, and learning to incorporate “nutritious movements” into my day allowed me to start strengthening my core.Every women, pregnant or not, should learn these important techniques to practice healthy exercise and movement."

Rachel H.

"The online class option was great for me. After week one of just doing core breath exercises, I could already see and feel results!  I couldn’t believe how quickly these simple exercises were changing my mid-section.  The exercises have truly helped me shrink my belly and fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!"


"Even though I am a fitness professional myself and have taken various training's and certifications, I have learned so much from Carrie’s program.  I feel more confident on how to maintain my “house” and how to design safe and effective programs for my own clients.  Her program was very easy to understand and it definitely connected all of the dots from what I had previously been taught on abdominal and core training.  Her approach is so refreshing and encouraging and I appreciated her honesty."


"It was great to have a series of exercises to do safely that will help with the pregnancy and delivery, but also the content and discussions I found very helpful, especially being a first time mom. This is a great concept with the combination of exercise and information and I thought it was terrific."


"I've been doing really well after this pregnancy--probably the best I've ever been post-partum. I think a lot of it has to do with how in shape I was this time around... I think that the strategies that you talked about regarding labor really helped me. I didn't hardly tear this time, and feel that I pushed correctly for the first time. And I was bouncing around feeling great only days after. I think it really makes a difference to understand your body and how it works."


"Every new mom should know about Carrie’s class! After having my baby, I tried jogging and ended up frustrated and in pain. After completing Carrie’s postnatal class, I feel stronger and more confident to start exercising now that my core is awake! Carrie was personal and professional and did an excellent job of tailoring her program to help me reach my goals."


"I found this class to be extremely insightful, fun and funny and a tremendous resource for all the questions that come up during pregnancy.  I found it to be a really comfortable atmosphere in terms of feeling OK to ask "those" questions.  I will say as helpful as it was, Carrie's knowledge, humor and demeanor is what made the class what it was.  I would highly recommend the class to ALL soon to be mothers, even if it's their 4th time around.  It is that profound."


"Thank you for bringing your knowledge and class out here to us! I'm so grateful that we were able to run the class (Postnatal Pilates). I feel so much better after just six weeks and I really feel like I can keep the momentum going. Your teaching style and way of explaining not only how to do each exercise, but the why, was so awesome. I am so much more aware of my form and confident I can avoid future injury."


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