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Menstruation Class

Mom & Me
Menstruation Class

This ain’t your mama’s period talk.



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It’s inevitable. “The Talk.”

Puberty, periods, hormones, sex. Ack! Sex! My mom-brain is imploding just thinking about it all. And your daughter is already rolling her eyes and sighing heavily at the mere mention of this all.

But this time in a mom & daughter’s relationship DOES NOT have to be (entirely) awkward and difficult.


I’ve created a one-of-a-kind experience for moms and daughters to make puberty and menstruation easier to explain and understand. Dare I say, it’s even going to be fun!?

So bring out the light snacks and mocktails (ok, and a little wine for mom because!!!! OMG!!!!!), and enjoy the Puberty In Your Pajamas  Virtual Workshop.

I’ll clarify false notions about puberty and menstruation, teach your daughter ways to deal with her fears (“How do I go swimming without a tampon?”,”Do I need to use a special soap ‘down there’ to make it smell fresh”, and”What happens if I get my period in public?”), and so much more.

We'll spend the first 2 hours together and then we'll bid the girls adieu so I can start our Moms-only conversation about sex and consent and pornography and masturbation, OH MY!!!

So save yourself the drama and groans that are certain to accompany the DIY approach you planned to take and reserve your spot today!

What Mom's Are Saying!

Thank you so much for inviting us to this mom and me class. [My daughter] and I left feeling thankful that we were a part of it. I love the way you operate in creating a framework to look at yourself and make choices from love versus fear. That was a huge takeaway for both of us in nutrition and self-care and physical touch.

You bring what sometimes feels like a shameful topic or overly sexualized topic to the table with clarity and dignity.

- Stephanie

Read The Reviews

"You were amazing yesterday! Truly, your ability to relate with the moms and girls and make everyone feel so comfortable was so fun to watch and listen in on. Thanks so much for bringing this class to our community. We’re excited for the next one."


Thank you so much for such a fantastic workshop. {My daughter} and I really enjoyed it. I think the virtual format was really great for this topic. It was fun to be on mute listening but also free to sort of side chat or laugh about what was going on. I think {my daughter} was much more relaxed this way than she would have been in person. You are a great speaker, and I loved the way you shared information and made it fun and engaging. Thank you so much!

- Emily

Thank you so much for a fantastic evening with the girls.  You did such a fabulous job on everything! All of the special details… was all so perfect.  Thank you! 

 - Katie


So...what will we discuss during our Puberty In Your Pajamas workshop?

I'm so glad you asked!

First, we start off as a group, meaning both mom and daughter join in the conversation on the following topics:

 Bodily changes associated with puberty

 Healthy vs unhealthy cervical fluid

 Phases of their monthly cycle

 Hormones, moods, how to manage stress

 Stages of breast development and how to care for them

 Anatomy and functions of the vulva and how to care for it

 Fun facts about their eggs

 Normal vs abnormal teen periods

 Body image inspiration

 Importance of fueling your body for period health

 Menstrual product choices and how to use each one

 Period “hacks” what to do if you get your period outside of the home, swimming, and tracking apps

Then we excuse your daughters to have a more serious conversation about the following topics:

 Sex self-reflection

 Porn, when to talk about this with your daughter

 Importance of Consent and how to teach this to your daughters

 A word about “hook-up” culture

 Masturbation, how to bring it up (pun intended, lol)

For all of my Mom Friends with Girls!!!! This Is IT!!!! Carrie Kolar Koziol, at Pilates By Carrie did the most wonderful, caring and informative job talking, and teaching one of my daughters about the changes that her body will go through as she ages. Let’s admit it, these topics are uncomfortable, weird, awkward. I wish I would have been able to attend something like this when I was young.

Carrie made an awkward topic and situation, comfortable. She treated the girls like young adults, open conversation, no judgment, no strict ideas. Easy, gentle conversation and invitations for questions. I LOVED every part of the class. The time learning with my daughter together, and the time that Carrie gave to the girls separately. I also got to have separate Mom Time to receive tips on how to start the conversation with my girls.

There are not enough fantastic or eloquent words I could use to describe this class. I will be taking my remaining 3 girls, (yes, I will take each one on their own) for this class. It opened so many doors for more questions, conversations, and bonding opportunities with my daughter. The class gave so much information, some things that I wasn’t even aware of at my age.
Let’s encourage our girls to share, ask questions and empower them to talk about the difficult topics.

Thank you Carrie Koziol for creating this class!!! Please add me to your waiting list!!!

- Michelle

Here's the most common questions asked by moms like you:


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New Class Information Coming Soon!

Unable to attend a Virtual Live Event?

The Magic of Menstruation Online Workshop allows anyone the opportunity to learn more about menstruation and have an engaging conversation with your daughter. PLUS...You get lifetime access to the program so you can refer back at any time to either refresh a topic or answer a difficult question.  

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My 10+ years as a Women’s Health Physical Therapist collided head on with my daughter’s introduction to a school-based puberty curriculum a few years ago and POOF! the idea for this workshop was born! I don’t take my responsibility for educating our young girls lightly and, in addition to hiring a period coach (yes, this job exists!), I also flew to Seattle to attend the most amazing puberty workshop called Great Conversations. The founder, Julie Metzer, agreed to a mentoring session and HERE WE ARE!!! The fact that you both attend together is the icing on the cake because it opens the channels for all sorts of future communication about this important time in her life, and I promise you’ll learn something too.