Still exercising away the
“baby weight” and not sure why it’s hanging on (and out)?

It's not too late!







Some programs will help fix your abs but can leave a wake of destruction in their path including prolapse.

Trust me on this one, you don’t want your bladder hanging out of your vagina!  That’s what happened to me in my quest for strengthening my core.  I needed to fly out of the country to learn how to fix my abs without having my internal organs start playing peek-a-boo with my vagina!

Before and After Pictures are BULL$H!T

Programs that bring your abs together without teaching the connective tissue between them to generate tension will only give you short-term results.  Over time, your belly can bulge back out.  Before and after pictures give you NO information about what’s happening on the INSIDE!!!! Be very wary of programs whose success rests on these tempting “after” photos!

The internet cannot be trusted with the important job of strengthening your core.

I triple dog dare you to search the internet for “how to strengthen your core” and get a consistent answer.  It’s confusing as heck.  One site says to do crunches, another says never crunch again.  One site says the plank is the safest ab exercise and the next says it’ll wreck your abs.  Let me take the guesswork out of figuring out which exercises are best.  I may be a physical therapist by trade, but I also have a vested personal interest in this area since I had DRA and did extensive research to fix myself!

Do NOT just accept that this is the way your body is going to look and feel after birth!  No Ma’Am, I’m not going to let you!!!

Having a weak core is WAY more than a conversation about how a part of you LOOKS.  It is a true health concern!!!  66% of women with abdominal separation will have some other support-related dysfunction including urinary incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction, the list goes on.  What starts as separation can also turn into a hernia.  The time to start healing is NOW.

Waiting to heal your core until you are done having kids is a BIG MISTAKE!

Why?  Having a separated midsection or weak core can allow your baby to droop into a more transverse position.  Would you rather deliver a baby that is in the head-down “ready” position or a baby that is chilling out sideways in a hammock….ouch!!! Plus a weak core can lead to more back pain in your pregnancy, increased urinary leakage, a greater chance of your organs starting to poke out of your vagina, and that not-so-flattering after-birth belly pooch. 

A Tummy Tuck can’t be your only plan!

Let me be clear here.  I am not anti-surgery.  But I am 100% opposed to fixing an anatomic issue without addressing the biomechanical forces that created the issue to begin with.  So if a tummy tuck is on your wish list, I support you, but let the exercises you will learn in this program support you even better.


  • Some programs might “fix” your abs at the expense of creating other problems like a pelvic organ prolapse (an organ peeking out of your vaginal or rectal opening) like I did.
  • Other programs may bring the abdominal muscles closer together without teaching you how to generate tension in the connective tissue which is the true measure of a successful rehab program.
  • You might get a temporary change in your midsection that goes away as soon as you stop the exercises.
  • You might try to fix this yourself by searching “strengthen abs” on the internet in which case I guarantee you’ll end up doing the wrong exercises.

Have you made peace with the way your midsection looks and feels?

As a fellow woman, I stand with you in solidarity, sister. And I’m proud of you for embracing your body! Buuuuttt……

  • If you decide to just ignore this issue, you may put too much pressure on this area, which could create a hernia that may eventually require surgical intervention.
  • You could decide to just “live with it”, but 66% of women with  abdominal separation will have some other support-related dysfunction such as lower back pain, urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse.



Did you have an abdominal separation (DRA)?




  • Yes? There is NO better program for you than this one right here.

  • No?  50% of the women who take this class do not have a separation.  YOU STILL NEED ME to help strengthen your core and more!

  • Not sure?  If you have a vagina and an abdomen, YOU NEED ME, trust me!!!







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What's Included?


How to Build Your Internal “House”

Your core may feel like a shack” but it’s NOT a tear down, it’s a fixer-upper! And this program will turn it into a mansion!

  • Discover what your core is.
  • How a weak midsection can make you feel untethered, wobbly, and disconnected.
  • Learn the importance of a 'core breath'. 
  • Plus Module 1 specific exercises and movements to get started on the foundation of your "house". 

You’ll finish this module with an understanding of how our core compares to a house with a roof, front door, foundation, and back door.  Our bodies are a MIRACLE so they're not "tear downs" but most of our houses are "fixer uppers".


Pelvic Floor PALOOZA!!!

When was the last time you took a deep look at your lady bits? Learn how they really operate and how to keep them from turning into the equivalent of the bottom of a mushy paper bag: weak and unsupported.

  • We'll take a closer look at the foundation of your "house".
  • Why the pelvic floor muscles and deep abdominal muscles should really be best friends.
  • You'll never look at a brown paper bag the same again after the pelvic floor demonstration.
  • Plus Module 2 specific exercises and movements to start engaging the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles separately.

You’ll finish this module feeling more confident and knowledgeable about your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles through easy-to-understand visual aids. 


Move your body better!!!

Your body responds to the forces you place on it ALL DAY LONG, not just while exercising. Learn simple tweaks you can make to your daily movement, from how you drive your car to how you lift your laundry, that also count towards your daily movement goal!

  • Learn how posture and body alignment affect your core.
  • Create a plan to check-in with yourself and adjust your posture.
  • Learn how to carry over what you learn into your everyday life.
  • Plus Module 3 specific exercises and movements to incorporate proper posture.

You’ll finish this module learning how to adjust your posture to help with your overall body alignment.


What is Pelvic Floor Pilates?

Are you getting the most out of your squats and lunges? I’ll teach you how to revolutionize your regular exercise program by pulling in your pelvic floor without taking a single extra second out of your day!

  • Now that you have a solid foundation with your "house", it's time to start decorating.
  • Discover why Kegels are failing women everywhere.
  • Learn why the pelvic floor muscles also need to be trained to work together with the other parts of the core team (diaphragm, transversus abdominus, and multifidus).
  • Plus Module 4 specific exercises and movements to start deeper engagement between the pelvic floor and core muscles.

You’ll finish this module with an understanding of why the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles need to work together harmoniously for true healing to happen.  


Healing the Core is an Inside Job (digestion + bladder/bowel habits)

How many times a day should you pee? What does a healthy poop look like? And did you know it has everything to do with having a healthy core?

  • Learn proper bladder habits including how to stop responding to the 'urge' to go all the time. 
  • There's a whole-body approach to a mid-section problem, and that means making sure your bladder and bowels are functioning optimally and not putting extra pressure on the abdomen.
  • Importance of staying well-hydrated and fueled to assist digestion and bladder/bowel habits.
  • Plus Module 5 specific exercises and movements to continue the engagement of the pelvic floor and core muscles. 

You’ll finish this module with a newfound respect for the importance of good bladder and bowel habits, and how healing the core can relieve some bathroom problems. 


 Fueling Your Body with Proper Nutrition 

Food can be contributing to inflammation in your gut and potentially creating pressure that's weakening your core. I'll teach you how anti-inflammatory foods can help heal your core. 

  • Learn how certain foods cause inflammation within our body that will contribute to a flabby, weak midsection.
  • Learn what foods help facilitate healing.
  • Importance of staying consist with your exercises and movements to continue healing.
  • Plus Module 6 specific exercises and the maintenance exercises to help you continue engaging the core muscles. 

You’ll finish this module and program feeling confident in your ability to recognize nutritious movements vs junk food movements along with a stronger foundation that you'll continue building upon. 

Plus...You'll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the program and all updates. No monthly, quarterly, or yearly memberships!
  • All content is On-Demand and easily accessible through an app or any smart device.
  • Private Community within the program. Ask your questions and get answers directly from Carrie.
  • BONUS: Expanded DRA/Core Restore Worksheets and Checklists to help guide you through each module.
  • BONUS: Beautiful video meditations customized for this program to comfort your mind and settle your soul.
  • BONUS: Access to DRA/Core Restore Extended Program which includes 6 additional on-demand workouts to take you to the next level in healing your core. 

Pilates By Carrie On-Demand
DRA/Core Restore Program

Regain confidence in your body by enrolling now!!!


  • 6 DRA/Core Restore Progressive Exercise Videos
  • 6 DRA/Core Restore Informative Videos 
  • Access to 6 Additional DRA/Core Restore Extended Program Workouts
  • Downloadable Guides 
  • Downloadable Meditations
  • Lifetime access to the program and all updates. 
  • Content is On-Demand and easily accessible through an app or any smart device.
  • Private Community within the program. Ask your questions and get answers directly from Carrie.

I'm Carrie Koziol

Hi! I’m Carrie, Women’s Health Physical Therapist and mother of three. When I was pregnant with my first child many moons ago, I searched far and wide for an exercise class that would strengthen my body, teach me tips to make labor easier, and help me connect with other moms. No luck.

After each of my births I longed for someone to take me by the hand and gently guide me through strengthening my body safely. I was too tired to take this on myself. Hello? Anyone out there?

And then when I discovered I had an abdominal separation I was fearful I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises I enjoyed ever again. False! 

I used my expertise as a Women’s Health Physical and learned from the best of the best to design these programs according to my own “wish list”….they are the very programs I was desperately searching for as a pregnant and postpartum woman. I hope you love taking them as much as I loved creating them.


Got Questions? Let's See If I Can Answer Them.

And here's what women have to say about the 
DRA/Core Restore Program!!!

Don't Wait to Fix Your Diastasis

“Don’t wait to take this class! I waited too long to fix my diastasis (thinking I’ll get around to it) and than I got pregnant with baby number two. I went into that pregnancy with a weak core. I decided to take the DRA program when I was 20 weeks pregnant and so happy that I did. Although, I knew I wasn’t going to see my diastasis close going into my third trimester I did make a little improvement. The knowledge I gained, the exercises that we did, and learning to incorporate “nutritious movements” into my day allowed me to start strengthening my core. And postpartum I have a bag of tools and exercises to heal my body properly. I recommend Carrie’s program to all my students now. Every women, pregnant or not, should learn these important techniques to practice healthy exercise and movement.”

- Rachel Hudson, Childbirth Educator,DRA/Core Restore Student

Provided Value Throughout Program

"I just want to tell you that I truly value the time and effort you've spent in developing and delivering the class, and the information you've shared.  I absolutely feel it's made a huge difference for me (seriously, I can really and truly feel that my stomach is getting better).  I probably would have never done anything about it otherwise (just thinking it was something I'd have to live with), and it's really given me hope that I'll be able to get a tiny shred of my former physique back.  For that, I can't thank you enough.  You're an amazing lady Carrie!  :)"

-Valerie, DRA/Core Restore Student

Don't Feel Broken Anymore

"I cannot express how grateful I am for you & your class! I went into it knowing I had a legit physical situation going on that was only going to cause more issues down the line if I didn't take care of it (I had horrible images of me at 70...)  Not only did I come away SO knowledgeable of what exactly is happening with my body, but I had SO many tools to make it better! I am aware of my body in a way I didn't know I needed to be!  Sex is better….and I've been able to work out in the gym like a normal person lately.  My core has come a looong way and just this past week I started working on a series of core movements I NEVER could have done several or even just a few months ago.  I just don't feel broken all the time anymore!  All from a little DRA class and you're incredible encouragement to do something about it! So thank you ;-) More women need someone like you with your big smile telling them they're not broken!"

- Mary,DRA/Core Restore Student

Reduced Abdominal Separation

“Carrie’s class was so helpful and helped to reduce my DRA from 6.5 cm and deep to 4 cm and shallow.  Thanks to her I can enjoy better body mechanics.  As an MD, I was not aware of exercises to do, but I will recommend it to friends and patients.”

-Arachna, MD, DRA/Core Restore Student

Wish I Would of Taken Your Other Classes

"I wished every moment of my diastasis class that I had known about you for Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates!!! You gave me so much more information and knowledge than I could have imagined and the tools to keep progress going! I learned about my health, protecting my 'house', and strengthened my whole body in addition to improving my diastasis."

-Shelly, DRA/Core Restore Student

Convenient, Realistic & Achievable

"The DRA online course is amazing.  It was simple, convenient, realistic and achievable.  It helped educate me and change my behaviors to improve my condition when others couldn’t identify the issue.  I had been through physical therapy, seen a personal trainer that specializes in women’s health and a Napropath and none helped in the way this course had.  I’m so grateful!  Thank you."

-Blaire,DRA/Core Restore Student


Pilates By Carrie On-Demand
DRA/Core Restore Program

Regain confidence in your body by enrolling now!!!


  • 6 DRA/Core Restore Progressive Exercise Videos
  • 6 DRA/Core Restore Informative Videos 
  • Access to 6 Additional DRA/Core Restore Extended Program Workouts
  • Downloadable Guides 
  • Downloadable Meditations
  • Lifetime access to the program and all updates. 
  • Content is On-Demand and easily accessible through an app or any smart device.
  • Private Community within the program. Ask your questions and get answers directly from Carrie.