Prenatal Pilates 6 Week Online Course

The Prenatal Pilates class is designed for pregnant women to help prepare your body (and mind!) to birth your baby.  Each class is a combination of education and exercise, and it is Carrie's goal to empower you to feel more confident about your pregnant body so you can make informed decisions, exercise safely, and have the best possible labor and delivery experience!

Each week you will receive a lecture video on a different topic related to improving your pregnancy, birthing, and recovery process including: Exercising Safely in Pregnancy, Posture and Body Mechanics, Pelvic Floor Health and Perineal Massage, Pain in Pregnancy and the Maternal Supports That Can Help, Stages of Labor and Positions/Pushing Techniques, Making the Most of Your Postpartum Time Including Your 6 week Postpartum Follow-Up Appointment. 

You will also receive a separate video that will contain expertly designed Pilates exercises that are safe for all trimesters and fitness levels.  These exercises focus on activating and relaxing pelvic floor musculature as well as your deep abdominals.  Flexibility for all major muscle groups surrounding the pelvis along with upper body strengthening exercises to promote improved posture are included.

Each class ends with breathing, relaxation training, and a different meditation each week.

These videos can be completed on your own time frame and never expire so watch them as often as you want or throughout multiple pregnancies!


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