DRA Rehabilitation Online Program

This class is designed for women who think they may have or know that they have separated abdominal muscles whether they are 6 weeks postpartum or 70 years old!!!  This is also the landing spot for any woman looking to have a deeper appreciation of what muscles comprise the core, how to enhance the core programs you may already be participating in, or how to begin a new program that safely engages the muscles that support your trunk, back, and organs.  Each class is a combination of education and exercise, and it is Carrie's goal to teach you a whole-body approach to heal your mid-section.

Each week you will receive a lecture video in which you will learn things like How to Build Your Internal "House", Pelvic Floor Health, Posture/Alignment/Body Mechanics, Introduction to Pelvic Floor Pilates, Normal Bladder/Bowel Habits and Foods That Reduce Inflammation.

You will also receive a separate video each week that will guide you through the core exercises that will become part of your home program which is essential to your success.  

Each week you will receive a weekly handout and exercise check sheet, to use alongside the week's video workout.

How to test for DRA: http://www.pilatesbycarrie.com/more-dra-info

These videos can be completed on your own time frame and never expire so watch them as often as you want!


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