Prenatal Pilates by Pilates by Carrie

If you are pregnant, especially in this new landscape where staying healthy and safe is even more important, then you need to start thinking about how to strengthen your body (and mind!) from home. 

If I was training an athlete for a triathlon, I would look at the demands of each of the three events and then work backward to design a training program that would make my athlete prepared for anything. 

Birth is no different. 

It’s an event, and one of the most demanding and humbling and awe-inspiring ones your body will ever participate in.  And it’s my job to make sure that you are ready when the big day arrives. 

As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, I know the science of birth inside and out.  And as a Prenatal Pilates Specialist, I know the exercises you need to help you feel strong during your pregnancy and birth, and recovery. 

But as a mother of three, I know the pressure you may be feeling to eat the right foods and learn the right things and, yes, exercise the “right” way.  And I’m here to hold your hand every step of the way!

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I searched and searched for a program that would be a one-stop-shop where I could learn what I needed to about the changes my body was experiencing, how to work with my body and my baby to be as prepared as possible for birth, and how to move and exercise my body in a way that would lead to a better pregnancy, birth, and recovery. 

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I designed it myself!!!

My 6-week Prenatal Pilates class is a combination of education and exercise. Each week, there will be a different educational topic that completely matters to your success.  You’ll learn about the inner changes in your body and what you need to do differently in order to exercise safely. You’ll also learn how to move your pregnant body better as you sit and stand and move around your world. 

These tips may help prevent common pregnancy pain complaints like back pain and pelvic pain, plus I’ll tell you how maternal supports can help as well. 

I’ll teach you all about your pelvic floor:

  • how to contract these important muscles,
  • how to relax them (just as important), and
  • what you can do to minimize tearing and injury to your perineum. 

I’ll also talk to you about labor and delivery and “how” to push as well as how to breathe when pushing.  Trust me, practicing these techniques leading up to your birth makes a huge difference.  

You need to know these WHYs before you can apply the exercises.  But don’t worry, my life’s hidden talent is taking complicated, science-y, information and breaking it down into easy to digest chunks of information that I deliver with humor and fun and visual aids that will have you remembering me LONG after you’re done with my program. 

Each week there will also be a new Prenatal Pilates exercise sequence delivered in a professionally recorded video that you can watch and re-watch as long as you want, for the life of the program!!! I start with a very basic, modified exercise sequence and then add on to it every week. 

By the 6th week, you will have the most comprehensive, easy to follow program to continue working on for the remainder of your pregnancy, all the way up to the day you deliver.  Best yet, you have access for the life of the program so start it all over again if you experience another pregnancy!

But don’t just take my word for it.  Here’s what women just like you had to say:

Carrie!!! Evan David joined us today at 8:05 AM. 8 lbs, 7 oz and 20.75” long.  I cannot tell you how beneficial your prenatal class was to helping this be a quick and easy birth!!  THANK YOU for doing what you do and helping mamas know HOW to push and what will ACTUALLY happen during labor and birth.  I am forever grateful to you!!! –Leslie

“Your classes and advice were seriously life changing.  I went from wishing to have a planned C-section to have 3 unmedicated births.  Your knowledge and tips are things that forever changed me.”- Kate

"I wanted to let you know that my daughter was born last night at 9:41pm.  I could not believe how quickly labor went! I came in at 2 1/2 cm around 5:30pm. I tried to get epidural at 8cm around 9:20 thinking it would still be an hour or so. By the time the anesthesiologist started getting it set up I was getting the urge to push. I started pushing and it only took 3 contractions and she was out! .... the breathing techniques were what got me through the contractions. I was amazed that I was able to stay in control. I can't thank you enough for everything we learned in prenatal Pilates!!!" -Kristen

Some programs make the mistake of just preparing you for the birth and leaving out one tiny detail…….your RECOVERY!  I’ll be sure you talk about what you NEED to know to maximize your recovery after birth.  Because we want you feeling strong after birth too, so you can bring that confidence to your new role as a mother. 😊 

Here’s what some graduates of this program had to say about their recovery:

I took your prenatal Pilates class a couple of months ago, and I just want to say thank you! As a first time mom, I learned so much from that class that I think made my pregnancy 100 times smoother than it could have been. I gave birth to my twins on 7/18, and I feel great. The girls are also doing great, too. I ended up having to get a C-section because the stinkers were both breech, but even with that being said, my recovery is going smoothly. From the sexy slide, exercises, and tips on belly binders, all have helped me immensely! -Sam

"I've been doing really well after this pregnancy--probably the best I've ever been post-partum.  I think a lot of it has to do with how in shape I was this time around...   I think that the strategies that you talked about regarding labor really helped me.  I didn't tear this time and feel that I pushed correctly for the first time.  And I was bouncing around feeling great only days after.  I think it really makes a difference to understand your body and how it works. -Sara

Our baby boy was born in our car as we were pulling into the hospital parking lot. Needless to say, I had a very fast labor- my husband was saying "slow down!" and I was saying "calm down!" as the baby was born onto the seat. I picked him up and held him in my arms, gushing about our baby, as my husband parked in front of the ER and ran in and was immediately followed back out by 20 medical professionals, who escorted us into labor and delivery for the usual follow ups. The baby and I are both doing well (though my husband is still recovery)! My post-partum recovery so far has been much better this time than the first, and I attribute it to the fast labor and your prenatal class for prepping my core/pelvic floor. My midwife sent me home with a binder (at your suggestion), which has been very helpful and surprisingly comfortable. Thanks so much for everything! - Meg

The point is, this just won’t be “a class you took that one time.”  This will be a class that revolutionizes the way you move your body in preparation for birth.  

Still wondering if this class is for you?  Let’s review.  If you are pregnant whether you are 6 weeks or 34 weeks pregnant, you need me.  If you are a first-time mom or a 6th-time mom, this class is for you.  Whether you are an avid exerciser or haven’t ever formally exercised, I can help. Here’s all that you’ll get in my 6-week class:

  • 6 short, easy to understand educational videos to help you understand the WHY behind the exercises (watch as often as you need!)
  • 6 weekly exercise videos ranging from 7 minutes to 20 minutes that progressively help you start rebuilding your body from the ground floor up (for the life of the program to play and replay and repeat as often as you want!)
  • 6 printable handouts for quick reference
  • Access to a private FB group to ask questions and get support from others on a similar journey
  • A discount on the extended version of this class if you want to safely keep the momentum going

I deliver this amazing information in three separate formats so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs:

Self-paced, online program:  Register today, start today!  You’ll get access to my online program in a super fancy host site that is accessible from any device.  Stop and start as often as you need, watch the videos over and over, download and print the handouts, and return to it whenever you want for the life of the program! This option is best if you are self-motivated and don’t feel you need the “real-time” feedback about your form or immediate answers to your questions, or the support of a group of women at similar points in their journey as provided in a live, group class (see below).

Live Virtual Group Class: See the schedule of upcoming classes and pick one that works best for you.  We will meet for a Zoom video session once a week for 6 weeks and each class will last 90 minutes. At the beginning of each class, I will answer questions and create a very supportive group atmosphere so we can rally around each other and hold one another accountable in a safe space.  In the second half of class, I will demonstrate that week’s exercises and we will do them together so I can make corrections to your form if needed.  You can ask questions on the spot and get real-time feedback and answers to those questions.  This is the best format for those of you wanting to be held accountable but also craving the support that comes with being a group of women at similar stages. You will still have access to the lecture and exercise videos to watch and re-watch for the life of the program as well as all the printables too!

Private, one-on-one sessions, either in person if you are local or virtual via Zoom:  Sign up once a week for 5 weeks in one-hour sessions where I will personally deliver the information and exercises in the program to you.  I will spend time gathering information about your past history and hear your goals so that I can completely customize this program to meet your individual needs.  Plus, my eyes are JUST on you so if you need extra help or special modifications, I can take the time to focus on you and you alone!  You will still have access to the lecture and exercise videos to watch and re-watch for the life of the program along with all the printables.  This option is best if you have specific concerns, desire accountability, and thrive in an environment where all the attention is on you!

No matter which format you decide is the best fit for you, it would be an honor and privilege to come alongside you on this important and life-changing journey to teach you how to strengthen your body to prepare for, birth, and recover from the birth of your baby!  



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