The Power of Positive Thinking

In a fascinating post by writer, blogger, and brain injury survivor Debbie Hampton, I learned that a thought is an electrochemical event taking place in your nerve cells producing a cascade of physiological changes.  

There are thousands of receptors on each cell of our body that are receptive to one particular peptide or “juice” from a thought.

When we have feelings of doubt, fear, joy, anger these “juices” flow throughout the body and connect with those matching receptors.  When cells divide, the new cell will have more receptors to match the “juice” it was exposed to most.  

If you have been bombarding your system with negative thoughts, you are literally programming your cells to receive more of the same, making yourself more inclined towards negativity.  Yikes!!!  

The good news?  

Every cell in your body is replaced every 2 months so you can REPROGRAM your cells through mindfulness and gratitude practices.

 Whatcha waiting for?  Here's my favorite meditation for new moms! 

New Mom Meditation Video


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