Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA) / Core Restore by Pilates By Carrie

Don’t you DARE start a new exercise program in 2021 without reading this first!!! 

Our inner core is like a house comprised of a roof (diaphragm), front door (deep abdominals), foundation (pelvic floor), and back door (lumbar multifidus).  Most of us have “houses” that are currently FIXER UPPER projects. 

I would never ask a house with a roof that was caving in or a floor that was leaking to withstand a storm, just as we should NOT expect our bodies to withstand the pressure of a new and potentially aggressive exercise program without giving way. 

What does “giving way” look like? 

It could be back or hip pain, it could be the return of a nagging chronic injury, it could be leaking urine or a feeling of pelvic pressure that just might be one of your internal organs looking to make their way out of the vagina or anus (yes, this DOES happen!!!)  Your body is BEGGING you and, as a Women’s Health Physical Therapist with over 15 years of experience, I am begging you to strengthen your core before you add more!!!

I get it!  We all want the BIG REVEAL! 

When I’m watching a home improvement show on HGTV, I’ll sometimes fast forward through the “fixing” part of the show to get to the pretty end result.  I want to see the finished product, the paint colors and throw pillows, and sparkling granite countertops. I want to see the happy couple beaming with pride at their new house. 

Sometimes that “in-between” part where there are problems, and obstacles, and effort can feel like, well, WORK!  But friends, if we skip the “in-between” part and jump right into an exercise program our bodies aren’t ready for (yet), it’s essentially like seeing a crack in the foundation of our houses and just fluffing a stylish area rug over it and crossing our fingers that it all works out. 

And it might……for a little while.  But as we turn a blind eye at the weakness, it’s getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER until we have no choice but to peel back the rug and start the work of repairing it.  So, let me save you a ton of time. 

Fix your house NOW, before you start, and I promise your body will be thanking you!  

Just give me 6 weeks and we can turn your FIXER UPPER into a mansion that your organs want to live in!  And then I’ll turn you loose to start any exercise program you want with a new appreciation of how to move your body better and safer and stronger for longer. 

My Core Restore program is the result of over 15 years of research

Not only have I treated women in a clinic setting, but I’ve been in the trenches with postpartum women (and been one myself 3 times) to see and hear what they are really struggling with. 

I’m a Pilates instructor with the extra credentials of Postnatal Pilates Specialist through the Center for Women’s Fitness.  I’ve taken just about every Core Specialty class in the United States and even studied under a group of elite physios in Canada (Bellies, Inc) to help me become a Diastasis Rectus Abdominus trainer. 

But here’s the most important bit...

I have taken the best part of all of these programs and designed the most comprehensive, easy to follow, effective exercise program to strengthen your core in just 6 weeks.

Here’s what it will look like as I hold your hand through this entire process:

  • Each week there will be a different educational topic that completely matters to your success. 
  • You’ll learn about the 4 parts of your core, the importance of your pelvic floor, how posture and alignment count as exercise, what normal bladder and bowel patterns look like, how to avoid inflammatory foods and flock to anti-inflammatory ones, and how to take everything you learn in this program and apply it to other exercises which matters to your successful REBUILD. 
  • You need to know the WHY before you can apply the exercises. 

But don’t worry, my life’s hidden talent is taking complicated, science-y, information and breaking it down into easy to digest chunks of information that I deliver with humor and fun and visual aids that will have you remembering me LONG after you’re done with my program. 

 “I learned more in one class with you than in 12 visits of physical therapy”.—Silvia

 “I took your class 2 years ago and I still use the things I learned in your class every single day.” –Janice

 “I’ll never look at a blueberry the same way again.” –Whitney (you’ll just have to take the program to understand this one, lol)

Each week there will also be a new set of core strengthening exercises that I have strategically designed to be quick (7-20 minutes), easy to follow (just push play on the professionally recorded video as often as you need), and require little to no equipment at all (use a pillow or blanket, that’s IT!!!) 

And here’s the best part! 

You have access to all the videos for the life of the program which means you can stop and start and come back to it over and over if you need.

The point is, this just won’t be “a class you took that one time.”  This will be a class that revolutionizes the way you look at movement and exercise; a class that acts as a bridge between where you are at this very moment and the exercises you were thinking about diving into before you read this important public service message. 

But honestly, the things you learn in this program you will use every day for the rest of your life.  Think I’m being a bit dramatic?

“It’s been a year since I took your Core Restore class and I still think about your postural reminders/techniques every single day.” –Alicia

My life is completely changed after working with Carrie. Her approach is simple, and it has given me a stronger, more capable body than I could ever imagine. Carrie breaks things down into manageable bites so that everything is accessible and nothing is overwhelming. I learned so much from her and have grown in my body and mental strength over her 6-week class. I cannot recommend her class highly enough. –Claire

Still wondering if this class is for you?  Let’s review.  If you have a body, you need me.  Here’s all that you’ll get in my 6-week class:

  • 6 short, easy to understand educational videos to help you understand the WHY behind the exercises (watch as often as you need!)
  • 6 weekly exercise videos ranging from 7 minutes to 20 minutes that progressively help you start rebuilding your body from the ground floor up (for the life of the program to play and replay and repeat as often as you want!)
  • 6 printable handouts for quick reference
  • 6 weekly exercise checklists to keep you on track
  • Access to a private FB group to ask questions and get support from others on a similar journey
  • A discount on the extended version of this class if you want to safely keep the momentum going

I deliver this amazing information in three separate formats so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs:

Self-paced, online program:  Register today, start today!  You’ll get access to my online program in a super fancy host site that is accessible from any device.  Stop and start as often as you need, watch the videos over and over, download and print the handouts, and return to it whenever you want for the life of the program! This option is best if you are self-motivated and don’t feel you need the “real-time” feedback about your form or immediate answers to your questions, or the support of a group of women at similar points in their journey as provided in a live, group class (see below).

Live Virtual Group Class: See the schedule of upcoming classes and pick one that works best for you.  We will meet for a Zoom video session once a week for 6 weeks and each class will last 90 minutes. At the beginning of each class, I will answer questions and create a very supportive group atmosphere so we can rally around each other and hold one another accountable in a safe space.  In the second half of class, I will demonstrate that week’s exercises and we will do them together so I can make corrections to your form if needed.  You can ask questions on the spot and get real-time feedback and answers to those questions.  This is the best format for those of you wanting to be held accountable but also craving the support that comes with being a group of women at similar stages. You will still have access to the lecture and exercise videos to watch and re-watch for the life of the program as well as all the printables too!

Private, one-on-one sessions, either in person if you are local or virtual via Zoom:  Sign up once a week for 5 weeks in one-hour sessions where I will personally deliver the information and exercises in the program to you.  I will spend time gathering information about your past history and hear your goals so that I can completely customize this program to meet your individual needs.  Plus, my eyes are JUST on you so if you need extra help or special modifications, I can take the time to focus on you and you alone!  You will still have access to the lecture and exercise videos to watch and re-watch for the life of the program along with all the printables.  This option is best if you have specific concerns, desire accountability, and thrive in an environment where all the attention is on you!

Whatever format you decide works best for you, it would be an honor to be your general contractor as we strengthen your body together in a way that is safe, effective, and life-changing!!!  


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