Postnatal Pilates by Pilates by Carrie

I’ll never forget giving birth to my first baby and taking a bath sometime that first week. 

I poked, prodded, and pushed my new belly around in the water, wondering if I would ever get my old body “back.”  I remember feeling disconnected, un-tethered, and weak. 

As I slowly re-introduced exercise, I felt different, and I quickly realized that I couldn’t just jump back into my old, familiar exercise routine.  I felt like my 6-week postpartum check-up was anticlimactic:

“What birth control was you on before, wanna get back on it?” What are my choices?!

“You can start back to sexual intercourse anytime you are ready.” That’s it?! No tips, tricks, or advice?!

“Feel free to resume exercise. If you were doing it before, you can do it again.” Really??? Are you sure?

The Women’s Health Physical Therapist part of me knew there was more information I needed in order to be successful in my full recovery.  But the tired mama in me just wanted an expert to tell me what to do. 

Guess what, Tired Mama?  I am that expert, and I’m here to guide you along in every step of your postpartum recovery. 

I’ve designed a 6-week program that is a combination of education and exercise to strengthen your body after the birth of a baby safely, and it is the most comprehensive program you will find. 

Trust me, because I was that tired mama searching for this exact program after the birth of my three children.

Each week, a different educational topic will completely matter to your success.  You’ll learn about the inner changes in your body and what you need to do differently in order to exercise safely. You’ll also learn how to care for your baby using proper posture, alignment, and body mechanics. 

These tips may help prevent common postpartum pain complaints like back pain and pelvic pain.  I’ll teach you all about your pelvic floor: how to contract these important muscles, how to relax them (just as important), and tips for returning to pain-free and enjoyable sex after birth.  I’ll also talk to you about how to eat healthy on the go as a new mom and how to keep the momentum going once the program is over. 

You need to know these WHYs before you can apply the exercises.  But don’t worry, my life’s hidden talent is taking complicated science information and breaking it down into easy-to-digest chunks of information that I deliver with humor and fun visual aids to help. 

Want me to prove it? 😊

I feel so much better after just six weeks and I really feel like I can keep the momentum going. Your teaching style and way of explaining not only how to do each exercise, but the why was so awesome. I am so much more aware of my form and confident I can avoid future injury. Thank you!!! I will definitely be spreading the word about your awesome class."  -Jessica

"Carrie is an inspirational and knowledgeable instructor.  She has a thorough knowledge of the recovery needs of a postnatal body and teaches women how to protect, heal, and recover their bodies after childbirth.  This is a class EVERY woman should take after giving birth and I'm so glad I found it." -Katie, RN (Labor and Delivery), IBCLC (Lactation Consultant), CCE (Certified Childbirth Educator)

Each week there will also be a new Postnatal Pilates exercise sequence delivered in a professionally recorded video that you can watch and re-watch as long as you want for the life of the program!!! I start with a very basic, modified exercise sequence and then add on to it every week in a way that respects what your deep abdominals and pelvic floor muscles have experienced during pregnancy and birth. 

By the 6th week, you will have the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow program. 

Best yet, you have access to the life of the program, so start it all over again whenever you want!  I have researched the best way to help women recover from birth and have used this same program myself after the birth of my three kids to feel stronger and more confident. 

I’m blessed to be able to share it with women just like you:

"Every new mom should know about Carrie’s class! After having my baby, I tried jogging and ended up frustrated and in pain. After completing Carrie’s postnatal class, I feel stronger and more confident to start exercising now that my core is awake! Carrie was personal and professional and did an excellent job of tailoring her program to help me reach my goals."  -Leena​

"I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think this class is!  I will be recommending it to everyone!  I didn't realize how weak my muscles were...Thank you for doing this, I am already losing more weight just from the couple of times I have had time to work on the exercises!  Plus now I am feeling stronger which is motivating me to want to work out!" -Nichole

"So glad I got to take this class to be able to learn proper breathing and abdominal exercises that were different from my normal routine for exercise.  I really think I'd have messed myself up doing crunches or other things before taking this class to help."  -Sarah

The point is, this won’t be “a class you took that one time.”  This is THE class you need to take to safely return to a Pilates sequence in a way that strengthens your body after childbirth in the places that matter most.  

Still wondering if this class is for you?  Let’s review.  If you have a baby and want to return to a Pilates practice safely, you NEED this program! Here’s all that you’ll get in my 6-week class:

  • 6 short, easy-to-understand educational videos to help you understand the WHY behind the exercises (watch as often as you need!)
  • 6 weekly exercise videos ranging from 7 minutes to 20 minutes that progressively help you start rebuilding your body from the ground floor up (for the life of the program to play, replay and repeat as often as you want!)
  • 6 printable handouts for quick reference
  • Access to a private FB group to ask questions and get support from others on a similar journey
  • A discount on the extended version of this class if you want to keep the momentum going safely

I deliver this amazing information in three separate formats, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs:

Self-paced, online program:  Register today, start today!  You’ll get access to my online program in a super fancy host site that is accessible from any device.  Stop and start as often as you need, watch the videos over and over, download and print the handouts, and return to it whenever you want for the life of the program! This option is best if you are self-motivated and don’t feel you need the “real-time” feedback about your form or immediate answers to your questions, or the support of a group of women at similar points in their journey as provided in a live, group class (see below).

Live Virtual Group Class:  See the upcoming classes schedule and pick the best for you.  We will meet for a Zoom video session once a week for six weeks, and each class will last 90 minutes. At the beginning of each class, I will answer questions and create a very supportive group atmosphere so we can rally around each other and hold one another accountable in a safe space.  In the second half of class, I will demonstrate that week’s exercises, and we will do them together so I can make corrections to your form if needed.  You can ask questions on the spot and get real-time feedback and answers to those questions.  This is the best format for those of you wanting to be held accountable but also craving the support that comes with being a group of women at similar stages. You will still have access to the lecture and exercise videos to watch and re-watch for the life of the program and all the printables!

Private, one-on-one sessions, either in person if you are local or virtual via Zoom:  Sign up once a week for five weeks in one-hour sessions where I will personally deliver the information and exercises in the program to you.  I will spend time gathering information about your past history and hearing your goals so that I can completely customize this program to meet your individual needs.  Plus, my eyes are JUST on you, so if you need extra help or special modifications, I can take the time to focus on you and you alone!  You will still have access to the lecture and exercise videos to watch and re-watch for the life of the program, along with all the printables.  This option is best if you have specific concerns, desire accountability, and thrive in an environment where all the attention is on you!

No matter which format you decide is the best fit for you; it would be an honor and privilege to come alongside you on this important and life-changing journey to teach you how to recover from the birth of your baby and strengthen your body in all the right places!  


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