Five Myths & Tips to Use When Discussing The Birds and the Bees

I’ve heard hundreds of stories of people recounting their parents giving them “the talk.” Some involved hushed conversations in bedrooms after a child asked a question during family movie night.  One that sticks out in my mind is the gentleman who vividly remembers his dad making a dirty martini and swirling it around and awkwardly sipping from it as he attempted to talk about sex.  Many don’t recall the talk because it just never happened! 

As a...

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Comprehensive Sex Education in a Nutshell

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to comprehensive sex education.  And what people don’t understand, they fear.  What they fear, they judge as evil.  What they judge as evil, they attempt to control.  And what they cannot control, they attack or argue against.  It’s a vicious and unproductive cycle.  

Let’s start with some facts. 

In February of 2021, the Illinois General Assembly introduced a bill (0818) reforming sex...

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Let’s Talk About Sex (after) Baby

In Week 3 of my Postnatal Pilates class our topic is “Let’s Talk About Sex (after) Baby.” The reasons most women don’t want to have intercourse or don’t enjoy intercourse can usually be broken down into 3 main categories: 
Emotional Factors, and
Core Changes and Feeling stretched out “down there”

Let’s start with pain. Usually, pain is the result of decreased lubrication, scar issues, skin disorders or infection, and/or tight pelvic...

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Sex as Self-Care in Four Short Steps!

self-care sex Aug 18, 2020

Rarely do my girlfriends, and I say phrases like “I got to have sex last night” or “I’m hoping to get lucky later on.” On the contrary, we often joke that we “took one for the team” or some other phrase to indicate that we did a favor for our partners.  

This couldn’t be more true than in those tender post-baby months when any of us would have easily traded sex for five extra minutes of sleep or a hot shower.  

But, sometimes,...

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