The Honest Mom Podcast: Why Does Sex Suck After Baby...And What You Can Do

Have you met Michelle Mansfield, author of The Honest Mom Project and host of The Honest Mom podcast?  Let me introduce you to one of the most “real” women you will ever meet.  Unafraid of the narrative that the journey to motherhood should be bliss, Michelle tackles topics that shatter the shame most women feel when questioning the expectations in their lives as mothers.  My love for tackling taboo topics combined with her no-holds-barred style of interviewing led...

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Let’s Talk About Sex (after) Baby

In Week 3 of my Postnatal Pilates class our topic is “Let’s Talk About Sex (after) Baby.” The reasons most women don’t want to have intercourse or don’t enjoy intercourse can usually be broken down into 3 main categories: 
Emotional Factors, and
Core Changes and Feeling stretched out “down there”

Let’s start with pain. Usually, pain is the result of decreased lubrication, scar issues, skin disorders or infection, and/or tight pelvic...

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