Why Kegels Alone Aren’t Enough

We pass out Kegels to women like candy on Halloween.  And pregnant women can feel like they’re on the set of Oprah, “You get some Kegels, and You get some Kegels, Everyone gets Kegels.” Like too much candy isn’t good for your teeth, too many Kegels aren’t good for your pelvic floor.  Let’s back up a bit.

History of the Kegel Exercise

The Kegel exercise is named after a gynecologist from the early to mid-20th century, Dr. Arnold Kegel, who...

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How To Birth Like a Pro During A Pandemic

Giving birth was anxiety-provoking enough for most women prior to 2020, but adding on a global pandemic is like tossing a brick out to women who are already treading water, barely able to keep their noses above the changing tides and crashing waves. 

While I’ve bobbed up and down with women throughout their pregnancy journeys for the last 15 years, I’ve actually only attended three births.  And they were my own!  So I thought I needed to bring in the “big...

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Ladies, Meet Your Clitoris!

pelvic floor Dec 07, 2021

If you’ve never introduced yourself to your clitoris, now is the time. 

If you are comrades for life, you still might appreciate some of the nuggets below. 

Learning about your body is a responsibility you owe to yourself, whether you are in a committed relationship, flying solo, or somewhere in between. 

So let’s dive right in ;) 

The clitoris’s only job is sensation (unlike the penis, which also lists penetration, ejaculation, and urination on its...

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Vaginal Weight Lifting? Why Kegels Won’t Be Enough

pelvic floor Nov 04, 2021

We’ve all heard of a bicep curl or shoulder press.  The benefits of strength training and weight lifting are undisputed.

You can flip tires or swing Kettlebells; you can squat in a studio or bench press in your basement.  

But what about lifting weights with your vagina?

Screeeeech!  Back the truck up.  

Did you read that right?  Yes, yes, you did.  

Vaginal weights go by many names, including Kegel Balls or Yoni eggs.  And while the intent is to...

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Baby Got Back

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2021

“I want to get my body back.”  

This is probably the most common answer to: What are your goals for attending my postpartum exercise program?

As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and Postnatal Pilates/Core Restore Specialist, I have worked with hundreds of postpartum women over the years.  Whether they had a vaginal delivery or a C-section or a VBAC, they are unified in their response.  They all think their body has gone somewhere, perhaps on a tropical...

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Four Steps to a Positive Birth Experience

birth planning pregnancy Nov 04, 2021

I have been working with pregnant women for over 15 years and have heard HUNDREDS of birth stories that are on a continuum from Empowering to Traumatic and everything in between.

As a result, I have harnessed the ability to glean all sorts of information from my intake forms that are strategically created to help me help women have the most positive experiences possible.  

And there is always one sentiment that makes me cringe.  Not in the condescending “How could...

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12 Things Missing From Most School-Based Puberty Curriculums

menstruation Mar 15, 2021

Do you remember the school-based puberty talk you received in elementary school? 

I do. 

I can still see the cover of the pamphlet we received called “Julie’s Story.” I remember the girls and boys were separated, and when we came back together (I vividly remember we made our reunion in Art Class), all the girls had to strategically hide our bag of sample pads and tampons from the boys. 

And we’ve been hiding ever since. 

There’s not a...

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Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA) / Core Restore by Pilates By Carrie

Don’t you DARE start a new exercise program in 2021 without reading this first!!! 

Our inner core is like a house comprised of a roof (diaphragm), front door (deep abdominals), foundation (pelvic floor), and back door (lumbar multifidus).  Most of us have “houses” that are currently FIXER UPPER projects. 

I would never ask a house with a roof that was caving in or a floor that was leaking to withstand a storm, just as we should NOT expect our bodies to...

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Prenatal Pilates by Pilates by Carrie

If you are pregnant, especially in this new landscape where staying healthy and safe is even more important, you need to start thinking about strengthening your body (and mind!) from home. 

If I were training an athlete for a triathlon, I would look at the demands of each of the three events and then work backward to design a training program to prepare my athlete for anything. 

Birth is no different. 

It’s one of the most demanding, humbling, and awe-inspiring events...

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Postnatal Pilates by Pilates by Carrie

I’ll never forget giving birth to my first baby and taking a bath sometime that first week. 

I poked, prodded, and pushed my new belly around in the water, wondering if I would ever get my old body “back.”  I remember feeling disconnected, un-tethered, and weak. 

As I slowly re-introduced exercise, I felt different, and I quickly realized that I couldn’t just jump back into my old, familiar exercise routine.  I felt like my 6-week postpartum...

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