12 Things Missing From Most School-Based Puberty Curriculums

menstruation Mar 15, 2021

Do you remember the school-based puberty talk you received in elementary school? 

I do. 

I can still see the cover of the pamphlet we received called “Julie’s Story.” I remember the girls and boys were separated and when we came back together (I vividly remember we made our reunion in Art Class) all the girls had to strategically hide our bag of sample pads and tampons from the boys. 

And we’ve been hiding ever since. 

There’s not a woman...

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Period Product Musings

menstruation Dec 29, 2020

Even though I’ve been traveling down the period products aisle at grocery stores for the last, oh, 31 years, I still sometimes get turned around. 

Maybe this has happened to you before too. 

You meant to buy a regular pack of pads with wings but when you open it up you discover they’re actually 3 feet long and tickle your belly button or crawl up the small of your back when you stick them in your undies.  You look at that *unhelpful* outline on the package...

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