Postpartum Success in a Post-Pandemic Place

Have you heard the phrase, “Be careful not to plan for the wedding and forget about the marriage”?  Well, we often treat postpartum recovery much the same way. 

So many women pour all their attention into the birth process, but the 4th trimester (or first 40 days after delivery) is sometimes an afterthought. 

Planning ahead is essential to a healthy postpartum recovery.

Maybe in years past you could have gotten away with just taking it day-by-day and figuring it...

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How To Birth Like a Pro During A Pandemic

Giving birth was anxiety-provoking enough for most women prior to 2020, but adding on a global pandemic is like tossing a brick out to women who are already treading water, barely able to keep their noses above the changing tides and crashing waves. 

While I’ve bobbed up and down with women throughout their pregnancy journeys for the last 15 years, I’ve actually only attended three births.  And they were my own!  So I thought I needed to bring in the “big...

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Four Steps to a Positive Birth Experience

birth planning pregnancy Nov 04, 2021

I have been working with pregnant women for over 15 years and have heard HUNDREDS of birth stories that are on a continuum from Empowering to Traumatic and everything in between.

As a result, I have harnessed the ability to glean all sorts of information from my intake forms that are strategically created to help me help women have the most positive experiences possible.  

And there is always one sentiment that makes me cringe.  Not in the condescending “How could...

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